Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Jolly Nail Designs for the 2012 Holiday Season

(Pictured: Seasonal Sideways French Mani. Image courtesy of Nail Model Diane M. Graham)

The holidays are right around the bend, which means you’re probably trying to figure out how to jazz up your seasonal soiree get-up! Luckily, we’ve got the scoop on the hottest holiday nail trends that will help you and all lovely ladies steal the spotlight at all merry festivities! Here are 10 jolly and fun ways to decorate your nails for the 2012 holiday season: 

1. Holiday Caviar Nails: Caviar nails are all the rage right now! For your holiday caviar mani, you will need red nail polish, a jar of red microbeads, and a jar of green mircrobeads. Pour equal amounts of each jar of microbeads into a bowl and mix together. Then, paint your nails with a coat of red polish and let dry. Add one more coat of red to each nail and, while the polish is wet, hold your hand over a tray and pour the red and green microbeads on each nail. Gently pat the microbeads so they stick to the wet polish and let dry. Now your nails are ready to impress everyone at your holiday soiree!