Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nail Styles And Their Effects On One's First Impression Of You

Another year, another plethora of hot new nail styles on the scene! This also means there are many new ways to express our unique personalities. We all know that whether they are adorned with shimmery holographic polishes or left plain and natural, nails tell a lot about one's disposition. This may make you question…what does my nail style say about me?
We took away the guesswork and put together a quick list of the different effects that nail styles have on one’s first impression of you. Check out the list below to see what your nails tell others about you, or test out a new nail style to show off a unique side of your personality!
1.    Coral: Coral polish is very popular right now, and this hue tells others that you are a trendsetter who’s up-to-the-minute on all the latest fashions. Adorn your nails with this color if you want to show off your fashionable and stylish side!
2.    Dark Green: The year’s breakout polish, dark green tells others that you are sophisticated and highly confident. Wear this hue to steal the spotlight at classy high fashion events.
3.    Bold Nail Decals: Decorating your nails with decals like rhinestones or lace tells others that you are spontaneous and live in the moment! Jazz up your nails with fun adornments when you want all eyes on you wherever you go!
4.    Water Marble Mani: Adorning your nails with intricate and colorful water marble designs tells others that you have a creative imagination! Choose this style when you want your nails to show off your artistic side!
5.    Chipped Manicure: If your mani has chips and peels on each nail, others get the impression that you have a bustling life and don’t take a lot of time to relax and unwind. If you notice that your manicure has more chips than polish, spend ten minutes re-polishing your nails so they are ready to impress!
6.    Charcoal and Black: These dark hues tell others that you are outgoing and love adventure. When others see these nails, they get the impression that you are an adrenaline-junkie who isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side!
7.    Shimmery Holographics: Shiny holographic polishes give off the impression that you are imaginative and inventive. Wear one of these polishes when you want your nails to express your creative and lovable personality!
8.    Pale Nails: Neutral and clear polishes give off the impression that you are easy-going and relaxed. Choose a nude hue if you want others to know that you are unstressed and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.
9.    Colorful Polka-Dot Mani: A bold, multi-colored polka-dot manicure tells others that you are spunky and exuberant. Adorn your nails with this style when you want to be noticed at a dance party or music festival!
10. Au Natural: Leaving your nails unadorned and just as they are tells others that you are self-confident and worriless about your appearance.
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