Friday, July 27, 2012

2012’s Craziest Celebrity Nail Designs

As we all know, celebrities rule the fashion world and never fail to surprise us with wacky red carpet outfits (ahem, Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress) and outrageous hair-dos (we’ll always miss Amy Winehouse’s signature bee-hive). However, many times it’s the starlets’ crazy nails that deserve our utmost attention. There are many that you absolutely cannot miss! Here is a quick roundup of 2012’s craziest celebrity nail styles that left the awe-struck paparazzi gawking:

1. Rihanna’s $5000 Manicure for the Grammy’s: Okay, her nails were painted with Red Carpet Manicure’s Amore 24, a polish infused with 24 kt gold, but really?! She also added a little dollar sign on the left pinky nail to showcase how expensive the manicure was. The price was definitely worth it...Ri-Ri’s nails look totally fab!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Unique Nail Decor Products You Have To Try

Realized recently that you’ve worn that boring, same-old shade of nail polish for the last year? Did this make you wonder, how can I decorate my nails so they stand out from the crowd and guarantee countless compliments and looks of awe? You’re in luck! There are many products that can take your nails from ho-hum to spectacular! Here is a list of 8 unique nail decor products you must try:

1.Black & Gold Chequerboard N’Applique Nail Wraps by OPI: These flashy wraps are fast, easy to apply, and long-lasting. Pair them with your favorite black cocktail dress for a dramatic look that is perfect for evening wear and fancy events.

2. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color: You can achieve 3-D Nail Art in seconds with this unique and fabulous polish. You have several colors to choose from, and all you do is apply 2 coats, hold the included magnet for 10 seconds over each nail's wet polish, then you apply a top coat. You will get a shiny, 3-dimentianal look that will make others gasp in astonishment and admiration!

3. Salon Express Nail Stencil Kit: Decorate your nails with fun and fabulous designs for all occasions! There are forty to choose from!

4. Cina Exotica Nail Art Decals: These high quality, flexible rubber decals are fun and easy ways to jazz up your nails! Choose from a variety of designs ranging from butterflies to roses!

5. Milani Jewel FX Nail Laquer: A fun and easy way to bedazzle your nails! This polish has large and small pieces of glitter that make your nails look as if they are adorned with multi-faceted jewels!

6. NUBAR Nail Jewels: Who wouldn’t want to add a little bling-bling to their nails?! Choose from a variety of glitter sizes and colors, sprinkle onto your wet nail polish, and voilà!

7. SEPHORA by O.P.I Nail Designs: These gorgeous nail art stickers look like little charms for your nails! Choose from designs ranging from holographic and bejeweled effects to crystals and rhinestones!

8. Kami Metallic Nail Art Foil Kit: Use this kit to create an elegant “mixed metals” finish with your polish color! Perfect way to give your nails a gorgeous high fashion look!

Remember, all of the above products an be used with Custom Nail Solutions’ elegant, natural-looking, non-chipping, and everlasting custom-fit nails! You can customize your own set of nails from the comfort of your home and choose from five nail lengths (Sport, Active, Fashion, Glamour, or Stiletto ranging from 3-8 mm beyond the end of your natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep), shape (Oval or Square), and design (French tipped or solid pink). Go to for more info.

We hope you love these fun and unique nail products that take your nails from boring to astounding! Consider us your new best friend! :)


Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of Custom Nail Solutions

Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Nails

We all want our nails to stay pristine and in tip-top shape, which means we always make sure to clip them often, file down the edges, and apply nail hardeners. However, we also unknowingly do many things that can negatively impact our nails’ condition. Below are five common mistakes that can counteract all of the effort we put into making sure our nails stay fancy and fab. Don’t let any of these big no-no’s keep your nails from being at the top of their game!

1. Using Your Nails To Pry Open Jars or Peel Off Stickers: These actions can cause nails to break, chip, and tear. To open jars, use a rubber glove or cloth to grip the lid, rather than your nails. To peel off stickers, use a scraping tool.

2. Using a “Sawing” Action When Filing Your Nails: File each nail in one direction, as the “sawing” effect can weaken the nail bed.

3. Washing The Dishes Without Rubber Gloves: Having your bare hands in soapy water for long periods of time can cause your nails to weaken and break.

4. Not Maintaining A Healthy Diet: To keep your nails in tip-top shape, make sure your diet is well-balanced. Take in a lot of calcium, iron, protein, Vitamins A, B, C & D, and also eat an abundance of fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. If necessary, take a multi-vitamin or a biotin supplement.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water: If your nails are not consistently hydrated, they can become weak and brittle. Make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water to day to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Make a conscious effort to avoid the above nail no-no’s! We want all lovely ladies to have beautiful nails that are always ready to steal the spotlight. Consider us your new best friend!


Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of Custom Nail Solutions