Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Solve Scary Man Nails Syndrome

We've all dealt with it. You are out with our husband, boyfriend, etc., and all you can notice is the abominable condition of his nails. Is that dirt and grime under his two thumb nails? Why are all the nails different lengths? How come the index finger's nail has some strange hexagonal shape to it? Yikes, all of the cuticles are cracked and look terrible! 

Yes, Scary Man Nails Syndrome is a frightening thing…but, how can we fix it? Every time we offer to schedule a manicure for them, they abruptly stop the convo and say in-salon manicures are "not for men." Likewise, even after we reply that going to the nail salon doesn't impede on his masculinity, he retorts with a gruff and simple "no way!" 

We can agree that all nail salons have girly atmospheres that scare men away, but does that mean there isn't a way to fix your beau's ghastly nail problems?!

Nope! You, yourself, can give him an at-home manicure so he doesn't have to leave the house and make that dreaded trip to the salon. He would be much more comfortable with you doing it, as he would see it as a way to make you happy. Likewise, he would keep his dignity and ego, and also enjoy spending the quality time with you without feeling emasculated around other people. So, how exactly can you give him that life-saving at-home manicure?

To start, make sure you have nail clippers, a nail file, a rosewood stick, cuticle remover, cuticle clippers, a buffer, hand cream, olive oil, and nail hardener. First, make sure he washes his hands and removes the dirt from under each of his nails. Then, clip each nail to your desired length and file each nail in one direction to give them shape. Do not use a "sawing" motion that would damage the nail. Once the nails are the desired shape and length, rub cuticle remover on the base of each nail and push the cuticles back towards the base with the rosewood stick. After this step, clip all the hangnails and cuticles with the cuticle clippers, taking care not to cut to deep. Then buff the entire nail, starting at the cuticle and moving forward. This will keep each nail from cracking, Afterwards, apply nail hardener to each nail, and then place quarter-sized amount of hand cream to the top of both hands. Massage each hand for five minutes, and then massage olive oil on each cuticle.

This simple, at-home manicure will rid your beau of Scary Man Nails Syndrome, guaranteed! Never again will he ask you why you keep looking down at his hands with a look of horror, and you won't lose your appetite whenever he waves his hand in the air while telling a story! Consider us your new best friend!

Yours truly,

Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of CustomNailSolutions

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