Monday, April 30, 2012

Give The Gift of Everlasting Nail Beauty This Mother’s Day

Custom Nail Solutions’ Beautiful Custom-Fit Nails Help Busy Moms Always Feel Primped And Pretty Without A Trip To The Salon

Wondering what moms really want this Mother’s Day? Everlasting nail beauty, of course! Moms everywhere are extremely busy and don’t have the time nor budget to make inconvenient and expensive nail salon appointments. However, their hands and nails endure so much hardship and they deserve to always feel beautiful, primped, and pampered. This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of her very own set of gorgeous nails custom-made just for her, thanks to the innovative nail system by Custom Nail Solutions.

Custom Nail Solutions are made of an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack, or change shape. They are removable, reusable, and will last mom’s lifetime. No more harsh grindings and filings exposing mom to harmful chemicals! Also, mom will never have to be tied to inconvenient and expensive trips to the salon. Custom Nail Solutions offers a truly customizable approach, allowing mom to choose the nail length (Sport, Active, Fashion, or Glamour ranging from 3-8mm beyond the end of her natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep) and shape (Oval or Square). Designs included French-tipped or solid pink. 

Mom will also love how the nails can be decorated with any brand or color polish and nail art. Nail polish remover can also be used on the Custom Nail Solutions nails without staining them. Then it’s just a matter of applying, enjoying and admiring the transformation! Mom’ll be able to have glamorous, natural-looking nails anytime, anywhere on her schedule. Also, the maintenance of mom’s Custom Nail Solutions nails is just as easy. The wear time of the custom nails is approximately 2-3 weeks, and once her natural nails have grown out, mom can use the quick and easy Soak Off Process to safely remove her Custom Nails. She can also use the Soak Off Solution to clean residual glue from both her natural nails and her Custom Nails.  

If mom wants to make any changes to her ordered length and shape, Custom Nail Solutions can be easily filed. To prevent the annoying and frustrating yellowing and fading of nails, Custom Nail Solutions contain UV light protection so mom may tan in them, and they are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. Considering the cost of repeatedly getting acrylics or gels put on and the inconvenience of having to go to a salon, Custom Nail Solutions is a steal and gives mom beautiful, natural-looking nails that she will forever love. Custom made just for her. Mom will be ecstatic to have beautiful salon-looking nails on her own schedule and in the comfort of her own home! 

Visit Custom Nail Solutions’ website to see the whole range of kits available. A Custom Nail Solutions kit is sure to bring smiles this Mother’s Day!


Katie Saxton, President of Custom Nail Solutions

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