Thursday, October 4, 2012

7 Spooktacular Nail Designs for Halloween

(Pictured: Halloween Crackle Nails)

BOO! Halloween will be here before we know it, which means you’re probably rushing to pick out your costume and plan your spooky festivities. Don’t forget to make sure your nails are ready to impress everyone at the costume party! Here are seven spooktacular ways to decorate your nails to complete your Halloween look:

1. Black Nail Polish: If you’re wearing a spooky witch costume or something of the sort, this color will make sure you look ghoulishly fabulous! Add drops of orange nail polish for extra Halloween flair.

2. Orange Nail Polish: Orange is a staple color for Halloween that evokes images of spooky Jack-O-Lanterns and flickering candles. Paint your nails with orange nail polish so your Halloween look is ready to steal the spotlight!

3. Skull Nail Art: Paint your nails white and let dry, then dip a toothpick in black polish and paint two black circles “eyes" near the base of each nail. Then draw a little heart above and between the two “eyes,” and paint parallel vertical lines from the tip of your nail to right below the black heart. Let dry and voilà! You have little spooky skulls on each nail!

4. Jack-O-Lantern Nails: Nothing says “Happy Halloween!” like scary Jack-O-Lanterns! Paint your nails black and let dry, then, using orange nail polish, paint wide orange ovals in the middle of each nail. For the stem, paint a small stripe of green coming out of the top of each orange oval, then use a toothpick to paint black spooky faces on each “pumpkin.” Your Jack-O-Lantern nails will be a hit!

5. Dripping Blood Nails: This nail design is perfect for a zombie costume! Paint each nail white and let dry, then, using a toothpick dipped in dark red polish, draw drips of “blood" coming out of the bottom of each nail. 

6. Halloween Crackle: Make sure your nails match Halloween’s staple black and orange color scheme! Paint each nail orange and let dry, then add one coat of black “crackle” polish over each orange nail. The orange will peak through the “cracks” in the black polish, creating a fun and festive Halloween effect!

7. Pointy Witch Nails: For those going as witches or zombie brides this Halloween, long and pointy black nails are key! These nails will create an eerie effect when paired with your spooky costume! Custom Nail Solutions offers non-chipping and everlasting custom-fit nails in stiletto length that can be painted black to complete your Halloween look. The nails can be decorated with any brand or color nail polish without the risk of staining, so you can decorate them however you like for Halloween! To order a set of stiletto-length custom-fit nails, visit

We want your nails to steal the spotlight at your Halloween soiree and help you win the “Best Costume” award. Consider us your new best friend!

Stay fab!

Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of Custom Nail Solutions

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