Monday, January 28, 2013

Cheer On Your Team With Festive Super Bowl Nail Designs

(Pictured: 49ers-Style Line of Scrimmage Striped Mani. Image courtesy of Nail Model Diane M. Graham)

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and loyal fans are counting down the days ‘til they can line their face with war paint and proudly sport their favorite player’s jersey at all the football parties. If you're one of the many lovely ladies getting ready to cheer on the 49ers or the Ravens this weekend, below are festive and fun ways to jazz up your nails for the big game! These nail designs will help female football fanatics rep their team and look fabulous at their Super Bowl soiree!

1. Touchdown Two-Tone Mani:  Two-tone manicures are a major trend right now, and decorating your nails with this style is a great way to celebrate and support your team! To do this design, paint your nails purple for the Ravens or red for the 49ers and let dry. Then place tape one millimeter from the tip of your nail and add a stripe of your team’s second color (white or metallic gold for Ravens, metallic gold for 49ers) over nail tip and edge of the tape. Take the tape off and let dry, then add a coat of clear polish.

2. Halftime Moon Mani: This festive and fun design is sure to steal the spotlight at your Super Bowl party! To do this style, paint your nails either purple for the Ravens or red for the 49ers and let dry. Then cover the bottom half of each nail with a hole reinforcer or a half-circle of tape, making certain that a semi-circle of paper/tape protrudes from the bottom of each nail. Add a coat of a metallic gold polish over the paper/tape covering and the rest of the nail, and then take off the paper/tape covering and let dry. Finally, finish the mani by adding a clear topcoat. Your Halftime Moon Mani is ready to cheer on your team!

3. Two-Point Conversion Tape Mani: A striped mani made with strips of tape is a fun and unique way to sport your team’s colors! Paint your nails metallic gold and let dry, then place thin strips of tape on the first nail in a fun zigzag pattern. For each nail, paint a coat of purple for the Ravens or red for the 49ers over the entire nail and tape strips, and then immediately remove the strips of tape and let dry. Add a final clear topcoat to finish the look.

4. Super Bowl Sideways French Mani: The sideways French mani will look fabulous with your Super Bowl party attire! To do this style, paint your nails either purple for the Ravens or red for the 49ers and let dry, then add a stripe of metallic gold on either the right side or left side of each nail. Let your nails dry, then add a final clear topcoat. VoilĂ ! Your nails are ready for the big game!

5. Fan-tastic Mani: Painting your nails with a solid coat of one of your team’s colors is a fabulous way to show your support! If you are a Ravens fan, paint your nails solid purple, black or white. If you are a 49ers fan, paint your nails red or gold. Make sure to add a clear topcoat so your nails are ready to shine!

6. Line of Scrimmage Striped Mani: This mani is a unique and fabulous way to sport your team's colors! To do, first paint your nails with a solid coat of either red for the 49ers or purple for the Ravens and let dry. Then create thin horizontal gold stripes from the top of the nails to the bottom by lightly swiping shiny gold polish across the width of each nail. Let dry and add a topcoat. Now your nails are ready to turn heads at your football party!

We want your nails to turn heads and steal the spotlight at your Super Bowl soiree! Consider us your new best friend!

Stay fab!

Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of Custom Nail Solutions

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