Friday, January 17, 2014

Top Red Carpet Nail Fashions & Tips

Excited for the 2014 Grammy Awards next weekend? This big event is always a glitzy, awe-inspiring time for the music industry…but it's also a place filled with mesmerizing manicures! If you're wondering which nail fashions all the celebs will be showcasing on the red carpet this year, look no further! Below are the top 2014 Award Show Manicures, as well as insider tips on how stars can quickly repair their nails on the red carpet so they’re ready for all the photo opps!

Top Red Carpet Nail Fashions:

Variations of Red: From classic red to burgundy, to deep ruby hues and garnet, the color red is going to be huge on the red carpet.  This is an eye-catching polish hue that is sure to get the red carpet cameras’ attention!

Direct Dress Match: Matching your polish to your dress color is always a popular choice for awards shows, and this holds true for the Grammy Awards. Many celebrities will find a polish that matches their dress color to a tee, and they will adorn their nails with either a solid coat of the polish or a French mani featuring the color as the tip.

Plays On White: White nail polish is one of 2014’s top nail trends, and many stars will choose a variation of white for their Grammy Awards manicure. From white designs on light gray polish to plain solid white manis, this nail design choice will be seen all over this year’s red carpet.

Lipstick Synchronization: Lipstick choice is typically what brings the whole red carpet look together, so celebrities will choose to match their polish to their lip shade for a synchronized effect. This instantly adds glamour and sophistication to the wearer!

Bejeweled Nail Art: From rhinestones to sequins and nail gems, bejeweled nail art will be all the rage at this year’s Grammy Awards. This is an eye-catching and fun look that can match a multitude of dress styles and colors.

Complete Dress Contrast: Rather than pick a polish that exactly matches the dress color, many stars will choose a polish that is a complete contrast. For example, celebrities with light blue dresses might choose a dark red polish and stars wearing white dresses might choose black or charcoal polish hues.

Metallic Polishes: From shimmery silver and shiny gold, to glittery rose gold and granite, metallic polishes will pop up on the hands of many 2014 Grammy Award nominees.

Sophisticated Silk Nails: At this year’s Grammy Awards, stars will also opt to flaunt their own nails by adorning them with wraps of silk, linen, or fiberglass that is cut to a desired nail’s shape and then glued to the nail plate. Not only is this look fashionable, it also enhances the natural nail and strengthens the tip!

Clutch Coordination:  Many stars will match their nail polish hue to their clutch instead of their dress. This will be a major go-to look, as it creates a fashionable, streamlined effect that adds elegance to the wearer.

Round Nails: Almond-shaped nails were one of Fall 2013's breakout trends, and this look will continue to reign at this year's Grammy Awards. Many celebrities will also choose to have shorter, competely rounded tips rather than just the longer almond shape.

Below are also insider tips on how all the entertainment stars can keep their nails in tip-top shape and correct any nail mishaps both before and while on the red carpet!

Portable Olive Oil: Keep a small vial of olive oil in your clutch and rub a drop into each cuticle and on each nail before embarking on the red carpet. This will cure any unsightly dry cuticles, and it will also make the polish extra glossy for all the photo opps!

Small Nail Clippers: Keep a tiny pair of nail clippers in your clutch, just in case a nail breaks before or while on the red carpet. Then you can quickly clip off the broken edge and resume all your media interviews!

Have the Nail Polish On-Hand: Definitely keep a bottle of your Grammy Award manicure polish in your clutch, just in case you experience any chips before you get to the red carpet. You can quickly paint over the chip and it will be almost unnoticeable.

Stay fab!

Katie Saxton, President of Custom Nail Solutions

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