Thursday, March 28, 2013

Egg-cellent Manicures for Easter

(Nail Designs Shown: Eggshell Nails, Pretty Pastel Water Marble, and Solid Spring Mani. All images courtesy of Nail Model Diane Moran Graham)

Easter is this weekend and are you wondering how to add a little bunny-rific fun to your holiday outfit? Decorate your nails with an egg-tastic Easter nail design! If you're having trouble deciding how to decorate your nails for Easter, don't worry!

We've made the decision easier for you by compiling 5 fantastic nail designs that are perfect for Easter. All of the below holiday manicures will go perfect with your pastel spring dress! 

Solid Spring Mani: Jazzing up your nails with a solid coat of either lavender, pale yellow, light pink, pastel green, milk white, or sky blue will ensure that they are ready for the spring! These hues will be very popular this spring, so choose one for everyday wear or mix it up and wear all of these colors, one on each nail.

Eggshell Nails: During the spring season, baby birds emerge from their speckled eggs and start chirping. Celebrate this lovely seasonal occurrence with eggshell-effect nails! Choose a speckled pastel nail polish that features a pale white, pale purple, or pale blue hue dotted with black dots. For an inexpensive and fun eggshell mani, choose a hue from Hard Candy’s Candy Sprinkles Collection.

Egg-cellent Easter Mani: First, paint green “grass” on the tip of the thumb nail and add a little white easter bunny face poking out of the grass and let dry. Then paint the other nails a solid coat of pale pink, baby blue, pale yellow, and lavender, making sure to use a different color for each nail. Let dry, and add Easter egg designs like colorful zig-zags and polka dots on each nail. Add a clear topcoat to complete the look.

Springtime Stamped Mani
Spring flower stamps are a fab and festive way to add pizazz to your Easter mani! Before you do this design, make sure you have lavender polish, dark purple polish, clear topcoat, and a nail stamp kit with a flower stamping plate on hand. We like the Nail Art Stamping Set by Shany Cosmetics. Paint your nails lavender and let dry, then place dark purple polish over the flower design on the stamping plate, and use the nail kit’s scraper to rid the plate of excess polish. While the dark purple polish is still wet, place the stamper over the plate so the flower design transfers, then press the stamper down on the nail. Do this until each nail is adorned with little springtime flowers. Finish the look by adding a clear topcoat to each nail. 

Pretty Pastel Water Marble
A pastel water marble manicure is so fun and festive for Easter! To do this intricate and eye-catching design, start off with a cup of room temperature water, a bottle of white polish, a bottle of pale blue polish, a bottle of lavender polish, a bottle of pale pink, a bottle of light orange polish, and a bottle of light green polish, as well as tape and several toothpicks. Place tape around the edge of the first nail, covering the cuticles. Add two drops of blue to the water and let spread, then a drop of white polish in the middle of the blue polish, and add one more drop of blue in the middle of the white. Then, take a toothpick and drag the edges of the polish to the center of the circle. Press your nail into the design, use a toothpick to scrape excess polish away from the edges of the nail, and take the nail out of the water. Then remove the tape and let dry. Use a toothpick to clear the polish from the top of the water, and repeat the process with the rest of the nails, making sure to use a different colored polish for each nail. The end result: a fancy pastel Easter mani that is sure to turn heads at your holiday brunch!

If you were wondering how to add an Easter theme to your nails, the above list should help. The Custom Nail Solutions Nail System provides a perfect canvas for these five egg-cellent nail designs. It is a revolutionary artificial nail product that offers custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds, are reusable and chemical-free. They are thinner, stronger, and virtually indestructible. You can have lovely, natural looking salon-style nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

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