Friday, April 26, 2013

Top 5 Spring 2013 Nail Trends

(Pictured: Diagonal “Pop of Color” Nail Design, 80's Fun Mani, and Nice Neutral Nails. Images courtesy of Nail Model Diane Moran Graham.)

Spring has finally sprung and pops of color are emerging everywhere. Flowers and trees have started their new cycle with bursts of vibrant, colorful buds. These hues of pink, yellow, orange, lavender, green, and white are not only showing up in nature. They’re also one of the hottest nail trends for Spring 2013.

There are so many fun and fabulous ways to decorate your nails for the Spring 2013 season! We've compiled the quick list below to make the decision process easier for you:

1. Diagonal “Pop of Color” Nail Design: To do this fun design, first choose a polish in a vibrant color like neon pink or electric orange. Stick a piece of tape diagonally across each of your nails. Paint the tips with the vibrant polish, then remove the tape while the polish is still wet. After the tips dry, add a clear topcoat to each nail. The tips will all have vibrant diagonal tips that will help you steal the spotlight wherever you go!

2. 80’s Fun Mani: Fashions of past decades always make their way back into popularity, and this is especially true for styles and trends of the eighties. A funky and fresh nail design to try is the 80’s Fun Mani. Paint your nails a dark purple, blue, orange, green, or red, then let dry. Add a stripe of glossy black from the center of the nail tip to the middle of the nail, and add a clear topcoat to complete the look. This funky nail design is the perfect way to add pizazz to your 80’s party attire!

3. Flash of Metallic Mani: Metallic polishes were huge during the fall and winter seasons, and this trend got a whole new look for spring! For this nail design, first paint a coat of colored polish on your nails and let dry. Then add a stripe of metallic copper, silver, or gold polish down each nail, making sure the stripe is in the same place on each nail. Add a clear topcoat and voilà! A fun and unique flash of metallic mani that is sure to turn heads this spring season!  

4. Nice Neutral Nails: This spring season, you'll notice clear, white, light grey, and flesh tone polishes on those who prefer the minimalist look. Barely-there nails are perfect for being understated or natural, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. This look works especially well when you want your outfit do the talking.

5. Accent Nail Design: A trend that debuted a couple years ago and will be seen throughout the summer is painting a complementary design on one nail from each hand. These individual nails may have stripes, diagonals, polka dots, or any number of designs. Accent nail design is a great way to try a combination of color and finishes, without making a huge statement.

If you were wondering how to decorate your nails for the entire Spring 2013 season, the above list should help. The Custom Nail Solutions Nail System provides a perfect canvas for these five lovely nail designs. It is a revolutionary artificial nail product that offers custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds, are reusable and chemical-free. They are thinner, stronger, and virtually indestructible. You can have lovely, natural looking salon-style nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.